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And We Will Be Formless And Sacred As The Ocean

It's easier to be a historian than a prophet.


And We Will Be Formless

And We Will Be Formless And Sacred As The Ocean

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And We Will Be Formless



And We Will Be Formless And Sacred As The Ocean

This novel is a love story taking place in Hawaii, among American high society in 1936.

The book is not part of the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle. Although it may be included in a chronological reading of the socio-political history of the 20th Century.

It was written in the late 1990s..

The Story:

In 1936 a world famous American author arrives in Hawaii from bohemian Paris, fleeing totalitarianism and war. He claims that he is there to write and search the high jungle for a forgotten black orchid, mentioned by Captain James Cook in the marginalia of his ship log of 1779.

After the author meets a married Dutch woman who is mistress of a sugar cane plantation, and the flamboyant lesbian who adores her from a distance, he is accepted into the colonialist island community.

Quickly his bohemianism brings him into conflict with the morally decadent but discreet mores of the imperialistic community.

The story examines love and the loss of it.


The Novel:

Has a good deal of eroticism and quite some ballroom dancing in elegant evening wear. Also a lot of fascinating subplot regarding gold diggers and cuckolds and patrician racists. Prostitution and lesbian sex and adultery too. Romantic longing and obsessive passion and violent rape. Opium dens bathed in ennui and loss. Morphine addicts and pimps and drunken sailors with switchblade knives. Seedy gambling clubs where men are ruined and loose women are pleased for it. And some talk of the proper etiquette when having sex with cannibals.

Some parts are respectable rather than decadent.

It also has an exploration of why we live and why we should and what to do about it. If anything. And an examination of our existential and romantic longing, of the failure of our God to soothe us.



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And We Will Be Formless



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