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Love Is A Simple Thing

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Love Is A Simple Thing,The Sound Of A Cello Singing

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This novel concerns the lives of the exiled artists and bohemians of Paris in the 1920s.

The book is the first of the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle to be published. The novel cycle explores the developing Modernist Renaissance of the 20th century.

This book is currently being offered for sale by subscription in the form of a limited edition signed manuscript work of art, now offered to art collectors.

It will be made available in a hand signed limited edition of 100.

The subscription cost is $20,000 for each manuscript piece.

You will receive a work of art which is a signed, printed, numbered edition of the entire completed manuscript of Lee Vidor's novel Love Is A Simple Thing, Death Is A Cello Singing.

The novel will be a complete text ready for general publication, although the artist reserves the right to make minor changes to the text before general publication. Or at any time.

You will not receive publication or reproduction rights of any kind.

The manuscript will be hand signed by the artist, Lee Vidor, and bound or gathered in a numbered edition of 100.


Additional exclusive collector attachments may be included in the work of art:

Unique covers and original charming photographs of Lee Vidor may be included in the work. Also computer elements perhaps.

The manuscript may be bound in leather. Or sheets of polished obsidian. Or something exotic. Not cheese. Or it may instead be boxed for display in some unusual fashion.

Something fascinating from the Shakespeare-X Message may be included. There might be angel fingerprints. In all cases the manuscript will be the centerpiece of the work.

Anything might happen. It won't be dull. Possibly imagine a compact multi-media thingy perhaps. Probably colorful too.

Although details of the precise form of the piece are not yet available, it is intended that this will be an aesthetic and enduring investment piece, suitable for art collectors and museums.


If the offering is oversubscribed then purchases may be limited in number to each subscriber, and a bidding auction may come into effect.

In this case your refundable deposit will secure your right to bid on the work. Unsuccessful bids will have their deposit returned in full.

Please contact the artist for additional information and to make a collector subscription application. Contact Lee Vidor Subscription

Serious inquiries only please. Please state your interest or museum affiliation in your message.


Terms and Conditions


You are buying this piece exclusively as a work of art. You will receive no publication or reproduction rights with your purchase.

The copyright of the novel and all contents resides solely with Lee Vidor in perpetuity.

The contents of the manuscript are not licensed nor intended for public display or public use of any type, until such time as the novel is made available via general publication. This will be in the recent future.

The copyright of all attached and included art works and images resides with the author and are not licensed for commercial use of any type by way of your purchase.

You are purchasing a private print of the art work, without any license to publish, copy or reproduce the included manuscript text in any form. This exclusion supercedes all other terms listed here.

The piece may be photographed as an integrated art work for inclusion in collections, shows and art publications. This exception does not include the right to photograph the text in a readable form.

A non-disclosure agreement will be required in regard to the contents of the novel. Said contractual agreement between artist and collector will be in force for a period of 3 years, or until the publishing of the book to the general public, by the artist, via currently established publishing channels.

The artist offers no guarantee regarding the length of the time period until such a general publication takes place, although more than a year is not anticipated.

The piece will not be delivered until the subscription is sufficiently complete.

A small deposit, of 10%, will be required in order to reserve your subscription or your right to bid for a subscription, at the artist's discretion. This deposit is non-refundable, except in the case of a failed bid by the subscriber, or the withdrawal of the offering by the artist.

The artist, Lee Vidor, reserves the right to withdraw the offering at any time and for any reason.


Contact Lee Vidor here for additional information and payment options. Lee Vidor Artwork Subscription


Lee Vidor Signature


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