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Salon for Contemporary Literature

This is the Writers' Salon. (below)

It's a forum to discuss the problems and direction of contemporary literature and perhaps even to find a direction towards a new publishing model in the internet age. The old model just isn’t working for writers.

It’s my intention that this be an important gathering place on the internet for professional literary writers to exchange serious ideas. Also to be dazzlingly witty of course.

So speak up, this is an important and interesting time for the novel. Either it will die now or it will survive forever. We are going to find out very soon the precise importance of storytellers to our culture.

This is a cafe table discussion among friends, So don't behave like a beast.

At the end of the day we are all colleagues attempting to do something which is lonely and difficult and which gets not enough darn respect either. You don't have any more understanding friends anywhere than you do here, so be pleasant and civilized.

Although be intellectually provocative and imaginative too. Even though you're not getting paid. Again.


I moderate here and read frequently.

It is absolutely not a place for new writers to thoughtlessly ask about agents/manuscripts/fan information/ marketing, or anything to do with the mechanics of being an author. There are many many other places on the web for that. It's not a place to ask any questions at all really, it's a place to develop answers in discussion.

It's also not a place to post if you have nothing to say. New and amateur writers would do well to listen and think rather than post. People here know when they are reading the words of an idiot or an amateur.

It's also not a place for spamming about your books or your website. I ban really fast and irrevocably.

No link posting is allowed.

Please flag anything suspicious.


Visiting the Salon:

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Salon for Contemporary Literature



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